Quiet Voice Loud Voice

by Annie Ruygt (Author), Matthew Hemenez (Author)

All children have a ROAR, they just need to how and when to use it.

The Story-For Children

Children of all ages will enjoy reading about Nathans adventures through life. Their emotions will be provoked by Nathans encounters with neighborhood bullies who wont leave him alone. They will be inspired by how Nathan uses the inner strengthhis LOUD voice-the Voice that he learned in his karate class that he drew upon to shut down those bullies.

The Story-For Parents

Parents will value QUIET Voice LOUD Voice as a foundation for teaching children about encounters with bullies. We hope that our children will never have to face those bullies; but if they do, we want to know that they will prevail! Hear your child ROAR!!

As a Teaching Tool

For years parents have approached the author-who has taught martial arts and self-defense to children for over a decade-- with the same concern: "We dont want our child to be violent or aggressive, but we dont want them to get hurt either. What should we tell our child about self-defense?" The author finally formalized the answer in the form of the wonderful story that is QUIET Voice LOUD Voice

Based on the author's decades of teaching martial arts to children, QUIET Voice LOUD Voice lays out in wholesome story fashion three critical aspects of dealing with bullies; the same principles can also be applied to most any threatening situation. QUIET Voice LOUD Voice is also recommended as a visual aid for school teachers, martial arts teachers and other leaders of children as a foundation for discussing this sensitive topic.

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March 25, 2014
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