The Guide to Greatness

by Leah Hill McNair (Author)

When God made woman, He made her with a specific purpose in mind. While His plan has not changed, we often get off track when we allow our everyday lives to take us away from the will of God. How can we stay focused on our ministry? How can we fulfill our responsibilities in excellence and live happy, effective lives without burning out? How can we become women of greatness?
In this powerful book, Leah H. McNair reveals Gods ideal guide to greatness for women in ministry. By sharing biblical principles for leadership, Leah explores the heart of key issues that shape the character of women in leadership. The Guide to Greatness for Women in Ministry is incredibly informative, and it will propel you to the ultimate level of successful ministry. The information Leah shares will transform your life! You will learn how to maximize your authority by improving your personal and spiritual image. It will guide you to ways of operating in His power rather than your own. There is nothing better than knowing Gods divine plan for your life and being empowered to walk in it! This book will help to develop your leadership ability as you seek to enhance those around you. It is an investment in your ministry, a way to grow and challenge yourself to be a better leader.
Grab hold to the reality of where you are now and realize it is not your final destination. God is waiting to work in and through you in ways you have never imagined. Step out and begin a new journey to becoming a great woman!

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Publication Date
January 31, 2012
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