From the Heart of a Man

by Hubert Clarke (Author)

Faith can lead you to do many things you might not otherwise do. Dr. Hubert Clarke stepped out on faith and has written a book that comes straight from his heart.
Born and raised in Jamaica and now living in the United States, Dr. Clarke holds bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in the field of education. With his education, his quest for knowledge and of course, his faith, Dr. Clarke is fulfilling his true desire to serve humanity.
In this powerful and very important book, Dr. Clarke writes with humanity about personal life issues that has changed his life and will have a profound impact on yours.
The reader will take notice of the special implications to Black men as Dr. Clarke indentifies with their plight. Dr. Clarke is asking Black men to act on their faith, speak from their heart and he is challenging them to overcome the struggles in their lives. He is petitioning Black men to mold and shape their character and become the men that they are capable of. Furthermore, Dr. Clarke is asking us all to redirect our plans, our actions and our energies by keying in on our attitude towards our faith.
Open your hear and your mind while reading this book of insights and you will understand that through your faith, your honesty and your words, your life can and will change for the better.

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Publication Date
May 23, 2011
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