The Sailor

by Jack Lurlyn Walters (Author)

Revisit the later 1700's and the early 1800's to witness a story of a man who, From a pleasant and comfortable life, is thrown into a seemingly hopeless State. Authored by Jack Lurlyn Walters, The Sailor: A Novel of History and Adventure is a story of trials and tribulations, hope and victory.

A picture of the book was on the left side of this Review, this review is a orginal written by your people Using historical events a backdrop for this adventure thriller, The Sailor please use this, it would be in your archive. I hope is the story of Jason Ashby-a young man loved and protected by his family on their farm estate but suddenly thrust into the world, facing adversaries who seek power that threaten all humans societies. Jason survives a shipwreck, desert treks, battles of war, and diseases by using his wits and allowing goodness to conquer evil, soon, his integrity brings him to a triumphant end, where all his struggles are put to rest. How he comes out victorious from the pitfalls of a terrible fate awaits the reader.

With goodness as the underlying concept, The sailor shows how even the Most tragic situations can be surpassed through faith and strong will. This Book brings inspiration to all men and women of today, albeit set in a period Longs ago.

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September 28, 2010
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