Just Because the Shoe Fits...

by Ebony L. Whitted (Author)

This book was written to encourage, inspire, and motivate those who have faced the

teardowns and breakdowns of life. Ebony is using this book as a ministry to let

women from all walks of life know that when others have said you can't, you won't,

or it will not work, God say's you can! The ultimate goal is to uplift you as women

who has worn out those old shoes you've owned for years called insecurities,

troubled relationships, can't find my purpose, loneliness, heartache, pain, low self-esteem and fear. These are burdens and issues you have struggled with for years, but Im

here to tell you that "just because the shoe fits, doesnt mean you have to wear it."

Ebony L. Whitted wears the shoes of a wife, mother, writer and poet who uses her God

given gifts and talents to encourage women and men from diverse backgrounds. Ebony

was born in Washington, D.C and raised in Richmond, Virginia where she resides with

her husband and two sons.

Any individual who reads this book will be able to relate to several of the stories told.

So which shoes are you wearing?

By Ebony Lane Whitted

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Publication Date
July 10, 2013
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