House of Plenty

by Ruth Pegeron (Author)

House of Plenty (HOP) is a book that describes a select few very important foundational characteristics that assist in the understanding of the profound impact that women have not only on their lives but other people's lives as a result of their character choices. The author's personal experiences, her corporate career as a Regional Director of Human Resources, her personal growth, insights combined with wisdom from others sharing their intimate lives encourage both men and women to take a deep dive into the most influential women that helped shaped their lives. A woman has a house of plenty and naturally equipped to build a house of plenty. Let's face it the woman was selected to nurture life from its conception to populating the world. She has significant influence on her definition of plenty. Building on her own experiences, Ruth Pegeron shares this wisdom and knowledge that all of us can use to strive to be the best in our spiritual, physical, emotional, and have confidant lives (S.P.E.C. Model) by defining and understanding the plenty you have or the women in your lives have impressed upon you. In each chapter Ruth provides a clear understanding of these select inherited attributes and how a woman can use them to self -define enhancing their womanhood. HOP explores attitudes that are chiefly relevant to woman such as her queen status, standards, and her definition of beauty. In as much, anyone male or female alike can explore each chapter to self-identify and reflect on the woman influence in their life. Men especially can even use this material as a selection tool for a wife and mother of his children.

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Publication Date
August 13, 2013
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