Why Do We Have to Move?

by Monica R. Wright (Author)

Going through a foreclosure is very difficult. Preparing your children for it, even more so. It is important to ensure that children understand that everything will be okay and this is only a change in location. Moving or any change for that matter, always requires an adjustment in perspective and an understanding of the situation.

"Why Do We Have to Move?" is the story of a foreclosure and how it effects a small family. It tells the story from the perspective of a 10 year old boy and takes the reader through the emotions and questions a family may face in that unfortunate situation. It can be used as a guide to parents or a storybook to read to children whether or not the family is facing a foreclosure. Losing your home can be traumatizing to children if they are not adequately prepared and informed. Hopefully, simply reading this book before having the talk with their children can lessen the trauma.

Book Details

Publication Date
June 07, 2013