David Gets His Drum

by Bob Reiser (Author), Eric Velasquez (Author), David Francis (Author)

A wise man named Brulla Roberts
once said. "Drummer man's magic
doesn't come from the drum. The
magic comes from the drummer man.
"Undoubtedly true, but, as six-year-old
David knows only too well, without
that drum there is no drummer man!
Ever since he can remember. David's
"felt the itch in his fingers and the
rhythm in his wrists." He's tried keeping
time with anything and everything ,
including spoons. knives. and shoes.
To Mom's dismay, he's even taken apart
the legs of a kitchen chair!
One Sunday morning. Mom and Dad
present him with a real drum and
sticks. As Dad says, "Now you don't
have to break the furniture." Racing
across town to join Brulla's marching
band, David drums his heart out. And
when a few short hours later that
drum tears, so does David's heart.
A touching memoir of jazz drummer,
David "Panama" Francis. this glowingly
illustrated picture book will inspire and
captivate young musicians as well as
any child with a dream. Luminous oil
paintings enhance the gentle story and
further reveal the magic of music and
the joy it gave to one "drummer man"
from old Miami.

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Publication Date
May 16, 2013
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