“French Toast''

by G. Elizabeth LeBlanc (Author)

French Toast

This book is an assortment of short stories that will make you smile. They are based on my experiences, my thoughts and what we all want in life. It has spirit and hopefully in Struck by Life, it will give mothers a new way of looking at their blessed event and how it is all worth it. Life is how you perceive it and how you look to the future.

My stories are thoughtful and some are based on real and thought provoking events that have happened in my life. I believe our lives are based on a series of short stories that mold us into the people we are and will be. I wrote these so that everyone can relate to and immerse themselves into love, romance, reality and so that they have the time to complete that story in a few minutes to an hour and give you the same satisfaction as completing a novel that may take you weeks to complete.

Enjoy the French Toast to your life and live it, celebrate it, and experience all it has to give you. In the layers in your life and I hope as you go through each change that it becomes more fulfilled, happier and filled with love. This book is a Toast to Life.

G. Elizabeth LeBlanc

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Publication Date
August 23, 2012
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