by Bonnie Hartlen Muise (Author)

This book was written because I did a lot of counting. We all do counting on a daily basis, it is impossible not to count. I and my two sisters Cheryl and Peggy had a counting game. We counted cars as they drove along the highway in front of our home. I may have said I want to pick the seventh car, and we would count until we saw it. That would be my car, even though we were much too young to drive!

On my last book ( If ), my authors' picture showed me sitting on my favorite horse. His name was Gambling Man. I should have counted the number of times he gave me wonderful rides, with that clip, clopping sound, his hooves made on the trip! I always counted the beats, it was like listening to music. So I believe that counting should be fun, as it was for me and my two sweet sisters. I hope as parents you can find unusual ways, as I did, to count with your children. To new parents, don't forget the first important count that you will ever make. Those sweet little fingers and toes, count them just as I did with my sweet little son and daughter!

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Publication date
September 30, 2013