Golf Ball Buddies

by Mark Clark McDonald (Author)
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Golf Ball Buddies conceptualizes the many aspects of golf from the unique perspective of animated golf balls as they observe their neighboring balls as well as the many characters that frequent the golf course. The buddies convey that the game of golf is so much more than a game being a life-long process for continuous improvement. They also give a greater appreciation for the difficult challenge golf can be but at the same time show that so many players derive great joy in trying. Intertwined in the buddies adventures are the explanation and clarification of about twenty of the most common and often misunderstood rules, the rich history of golf, many fun facts, and reminiscing of the great past players of the game. Some instructional comments are also offered up to help provide simplified and memorable visual imagery for improving the swing. A simplified method is something that eludes so many players who try to play this game and the joy is so much more immense when better scores are achieved. The lasting relationships built on the golf course, the banter among players, the intensity and the fun and are all what make this game great and they are certainly not missing in Golf Ball Buddies.
Anyone who has ever swung a golf club or stepped out on a course will identify with the Golf Ball Buddies as they make rule clarification fun and swing instruction easy. As they observe and comment, their adventures give us; A better appreciation of the game and its traditions, an increased passion for golf, a clear understanding of the many situational rules encountered, and swing thoughts not often found in general complicated instructionthat will result in a definite advantage.

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September 15, 2011
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