South East Asian Cooking

by Tino Rozzo (Author)

This cookbook contains the recipes you want to make. Not the obscure stuff you are never going to make. There are traditional Thailand, India, Myanmar, and more, South East Asian recipes. You will cherish this cookbook because you can have fun making every recipe. researched for years, This cookbook has insights never published before. The culinary adventure is more than just recipes, but the authors advice and experiences. He takes a spiritual approach to this art. The Authors personal adventures take him to New York, Philadelphia, Hawaii, And San Francisco. There are no secrets to this cuisine. This book is designed to be a step-by-step approach to simplify your efforts so you find this cookbook fun to use. This will be your favorite book. Uncomplicated, fun, and easy. Take and imaginative journey through South East Asian Cooking, experiences something new and tantalizing.

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Publication Date
April 14, 2014
Page count