by James Hendershot (Author)

A sleeping giant now hides in every corner no longer afraid of the daylight as it slowly feeds from the innocent and the abuse of those whom were once free. Many nations are policed by law enforcement that do not carry guns, yet our police force depends upon guns as a frequently as we rely on introductions. This book explores what nourishes the perception of racism in our nation today, as well as defining where we are and identifying who the killers are. The author shares his real-life experience with rogue police officers who abused their powers, knowing they were breaking the law by using illegal police practices yet knowing the courts will back their version as they testily. The author minimized his loss by searching the Internet before appearing in court, learning valuable lessons, which he now shares in his account of the terrible day, November 27, 2014. Ignorance will get you put in prison with the other millions of innocent people who pled guilty so they could have a chance at a limited freedom later in life. Ignorance will see your children and family behind bars as the United States evolve into a police state, blaming the false existence of racism as the enemy.

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September 03, 2015
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