Confessions of a Television Reporter

de Debi Gallo (Auteur)

Meet the gritty, sexy world of television news and the serenity of life in Italy.

Denise DiBella is asuccessful, beautiful, andintelligentno-nonsense broadcastnewsand sportsreporter.Through her colorful exploits, she paints a vivid picture aboutthe highs, lows and lovesof lifewithin the news business.

Working in New York City, the number one television market in the country, Denise thought she made it to the top and had it all by the time she reached the age of 29.But something happenedupon arriving at the pinnacle of success and she started to realize the tremendous costs she paid to reach such lofty heights.

Denise begins to question, "What's next when you finally reach your dream? How do youknow when enough is enough if all you see ismore pain and more sacrifice? Where do you find the strength to journey forward when your heart tells you it's time to move on? And, should you just let it all go and take a leap of faith hoping it will pay off?

After taking a bold jump, Denise moves to Italy armed withonlyher catand two suitcases.Thereshe finds answers, but differentonesthan what she expects.Even after moving across an ocean, Denise asks, "No matter how far you run, can you ever really escape yourself?"

Go along with Denise while she reports on her wild ride through loss, divorce, affairs of the heart, addiction, and so much more in Confessions of a Television Reporter.

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27 septembre 2017
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