True Colours

by Angela Goslin (Author)

This is a book full of lighthearted and humorous stories and poems.

True Colours need not only be read by or read to a child but it would encourage the child to draw their own pictures, make scrapbooks, act, dance, and sing, using my stories and poems, just like Chloe did in the story Chloe learns about Colours, making True Colours a good book for a child to work with and read at home.

True Colours is in two parts. The first part has a story in eight chapters about my childhood at a boarding school for girls. The second part has separate stories each followed by a poem, one that a parent could read to their child in a short space of time! The last story is about my life as an evacuee during World War II.

Book Details

Publication Date
October 24, 2017
Page count