Espionage—The Great Game

by Robert Thompson (Author)

Stan, handsome, six feet two inches tall, with dark-brown hair and piercing blue eyes, and neighbor Pete, six feet, 180 pounds, met in scouting at twelve and became brothers in spirit. Their intertwined lives and adventures carry them through college and beyond. Their high school friend Butch leads them astray, but they are redeemed when they meet again at Quanticos CIA training and SEAL training facilities. They are paired in CIA mission assignments. They are EMT noncombatants in Iraq and Iran. Their last assignment is in Afghanistan at which time they are separatedButch is assigned to Damascus and Stan in Kabul. They are in reality espionage agents (spies). Stan sacrifices everything to fulfill his most dangerous secret assignment to infiltrate the highest level of opposition. In the process, physical requirement to ingratiate himself turns into emotional commitment, and he is caught in the trap of his own making. The subject of his surveillance is Prince Mohammed, whose illegitimate brother, Sayed, frees him from Taliban imprisonment. And there begins the beginning of the end.

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Publication Date
August 21, 2017
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