Writing on the Landscape

Writing on the Landscape touches my mind, heart, body, and spirit. The author and I are kindred souls. My own thinking, writing, and nature-fueled philosophy of life resonate with Dr. Wilhoits entertaining and inspirational guide to writing and nature.

Dr. Wilhoit narrates a journey, demonstrating how vital balance is in our pursuit of writing, as well as in our pursuit of life. And she evidences convincingly that we can achieve wholeness through conscious, reflective, and introspective immersion in nature. Dr. Wilhoit observes simply that the principal point of this book is the pairing of nature and writing toward being complete. Writing on the Landscape explores the sense of wholeness we feel when we engage a few simple, easy to exercise practices deep and guided, step-by-step interactions with nature and its elements: land-, sea-, and sky-scapes. The voices of the earth speak deeply and clearly to a writer.

Dr. Wilhoit brings joy to writing through her own revelations: I am in love with writing; writing seduces me. I am in the landscape of my soul. I write from the very core of who I am. That is what the natural world does for me and for my writing no matter where I am.

Join Dr. Wilhoit and begin your own journey through the terrain of writing and nature.

Stephen B. Jones, PhD Author of Nature Based Leadership and Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading; Co-Founder of Antioch University New Englands Nature Based Leadership Institute; Founder of Great Blue Heron, LLC

Writing on the Landscape is a practical, lyrical book aimed at helping blocked writers to become unstuck.

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September 26, 2017
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