Fks Medfit Presents: a Solution to Avoiding Falls in Older Adults

by Veeve Holtz Bs Ms (Author)

How drastically things can change in just a few seconds! Charlotte was a not-too-old adult who had a traumatic fall that almost ended her life. What had gone wrong? She had made unhealthy choices and ignored the warning signs that resulted in a near-fatal fall!

Dazed and confused, Charlottes life immediately spun out of control. Everything she was used to was altered without her consent. Charlotte was forced to make difficult adjustments that greatly restricted her independence. She became very fearful of falling again, and felt lost, broken, and severely disheartened.

Read about Charlottes powerful journey after her traumatic fall, and what she did to never experience another fall.

Learn what you can do for yourself or for your aging loved one to avoid a fall. Discover how to live victoriously, not in fear, and empower your mind, body, and spirit.

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Publication Date
November 13, 2017
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