Navigating the Sea of Talmud

by Steven Joseph (Author)

In a planet with a life-span of 6,000 years we are in year 5,767, leaving 233 years left on this earth. Man can achieve salvation or hasten destruction. This book offers insights into the universe and that have never been presented before. A finite definition of love and mans connection to God are all presented. A Linguistic approach is used to connote powerful ideas that will change your understanding of the universe. A new definition of wisdom is elaborated upon and the strength of the Rabbis to dictate nature is discussed. Striking Iraqs nuclear power plant was a military engagement coupled with a pre-consultation with a renowned Talmudic scholar. Corporate aspirations, business ethics and the ever-present desire to accummulate wealth are staples of this memoir. In addition, mathematical formulas are applied to shed light on Gods secrets. If you want an all-encompassing outlook on the universe and its impact on your existence then this is a must-read. The beauty of the Talmud will be illuminated through the eyes of one who lives with bipolar. There are 70 nations in the world, 70 faces to the Bible, 70 individuals that went down to Egypt and 70 secrets into Gods thinking process.

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Publication Date
June 18, 2007
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