My Mind's Eye

by K.S. McCoy (Author)


My Mindd Eye, fantasy is McCoys first book of short stories with adult content. She specifies that this book is not for kids but for adults; of the age of consent who dont want something to learn, but as an escape from reality for a short period of time. In that light it is secondly dedicated to: her friends and acquaintances in Fantasy Role-play for their ideas and laughter at her muse; for taking the time to read a story or two of hers in helping her to decide to complete the book. Thank You my friends for your time, trouble and thoughts on my writing. I can only hope I have done all of you proud. "Aye lad, The Sea has been my mistress some 40 years now. Stories? Yes, there are stories to be told pull up a chair and Ill tell them to you."

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Publication Date
September 12, 2003
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