by Tony Bodulovic (Author)

Tori has just met three ghosts offering to help her right the wrongs of the world. Now theyre ruining her life. Tori Alpine is not the most popular girl at school. Or does she dress the nicest, or get the best grades. One thing she is good at is winding herself into trouble. Why was it her? No one knows. But what most people know is that she simply cant focus and she can be described as crazy.

The ghosts send her on the chase of her life, trying not to cause trouble behind her. But alas, she does cause trouble, and she makes new enemies. Not only does she make enemies, but she makes friends, even though one is a crazy alligator girl, and the other a bird.

Tori must race to find her final destination in Vancouver, Canada to open the Ghost Realm doors and defeat whatever is inside.

Discover many sinister things, a horrible hostage plan, and a shocking traitor who was hiding among everyone.

Follow Tori and her friends through this new world that she was never

Illustrated by : Memo Radmilovic

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Publication Date
February 22, 2012
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