How to Speak Bayonnease

by V (Author), G (Author)

A little known town, just outside of Manhattan, nestled within the
boroughs of New York, Bayonne has an eclectic bunch of folk, these people
are the residents of Bayonne, known as the Bayonitte.
The Language of Bayonne is Bayonnease. We will now set forth to
defi ne subtle differences in the American language, and the language
spoken here, in this part of the world: Bayonne, New York.
In this study of a regional speak of the English (American) language,
you may fi nd that the words contained within these pages much like many
words that have been associated with the typical language of the modern
day New Yorker, proving that Bayonne is, in fact, the lost 6th borough of
New York, like a red headed step child.
This dialect may be considered Soprano-esk, so expect to encounter
shock & awe in this translation of a full frontal language. Please proceed
with caution, a sense of humor is defi nitely required.
Historically, it is necessary to inform the reader that back in the early
1800s the people of Bayonne felt it necessary to separate themselves from
the State of New Jersey, chewed off their arm and dug out the Morris Canal,
in an attempt to turn Bayonne into an island.
It worked for a while, and Bayonne had almost completely seceded
from the state of New Jersey, until they were pulled back in, it was like
trying to get out of the mafi a.
As a matter of fact, NJ Mafi a members disapproved and the Morris
Canal was fi lled in, with the bodies of those that pulled this stunt, and
Bayonne was once again connected to New Jersey.
Damn it !

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July 11, 2008
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