The Hallucinogenic Rooster

by David White (Author)

The Hallucinogenic Rooster is a moment captured in time, a dreamlike and nightmarish expansion of one brief moment.
In a place called Fairy Tale Town, some years ago, I walked with a girl I was in love with among grimy fantasies; a concrete Pirate ship, a castle and drinking fountains in the form of hippos and tin soldiers. Strange music came over loudspeakers.
Three of us (we were baby-sitting her sisters infant) as a sort of makeshift family walked in this strange place. I watched a rooster walk in and out of shadows and light. I hallucinated that I was seeing its molecules and atoms coming apart and reassembling in bright colors.
I chose this event to represent the moment when we could have spoken to each other with our hearts but instead kept our silence. . .
This book is a sort of poetic expansion of that brief, lonely and beautiful moment.

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Publication Date
March 14, 2005
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