Hunting for Abigail

by Karen Benton Vavra (Author)

Being Abigail Kathryn Adams is most definitely difficult as she has a never ending desire to know... everything. Whether a word makes no sense to her because it cannot be explained or she feels that people, in general, need the information, she forges a place and pushes her way to the answer. This little fireball gets to the very heart of an issue. she gets to everyones heart as a "tell it like it is" kind of girl who takes the good with the not so good. All in all, life for Abigail is good--she has guts, gratitude and goodies. Shes not a little spy girl, no, shes a poofy dress, egg hunting, candy loving, persistent, self confident, funny, special kid who is the essence of the saying, "Seven going on Twenty Seven." This book personifies the coming of age genre but not too fast. We need to love her just the quirky way she is. And in her own words, "Praise Jesus and God Almighty!" There must be a little of Abigail in all of us!

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Publication Date
July 23, 2009
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