Because Netiquette Matters!

by Judith Kallos (Author)

This comprehensive reference guide walks you through all the nuances of e-mail etiquette and every day technology use from both a personal and business perspective without all the techno-babble!

In easy to understand terminology, the author has a conversation with you as though you were getting your very own personalized tutoring session on these very important issues. Many of the topics in this book are those all onliners have to address at one point or another and only take a little extra effort on your part to apply. With the combination of this book and the constantly updated and growing, now everyone has access to this important information on or offline so they may thrive!

This book is a great reference guide or gift idea for:

Netrepreneurs getting online to start their own online enterprise - this book will be crucial to your success and ROI!

Employers to provide to current and new employees. Give them this book during their orientation when you present your E-Mail Policies. Get all your employees on the right track so they can know the rules of the road and make a professional impression while using your companys e-mail address.

Teachers to recommend to their students. No matter the age or grade, almost everyone can learn something from this book. Especially children being given their first exposure to the technology that will determine their career success. This book is written in an easy to understand format and terminology that makes it ageless.

Mom and Dad - get to know the online basics so that you can be good cyber parents!

Gramps and Grams, Aunts and Uncles who are online and unsure of what they need to know or practice. This book can be a wonderful guide for any seasoned citizen who is online or planning to do so.

Make the best possible impression when you are online by adding this book to your online arsenal and get to be known as someone who is courteous and a joy to get to know and communicate with. Get rid of the intimidation and frustration computers and online cause by using "Because Netiquette Matters!" as your guide. And if you still have questions, the author is available through her site @: to answer your questions personally.

Remember, online, ignorance is not bliss and perception is the only reality!


Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use

Table of Contents:

Because Netiquette Matters!
Dont Be an Online Knucklehead
Courtesy #1 - Get to Know the Basics
Courtesy #2 - Perception is the Only Reality Online
Courtesy #3 - Proofread and Check for Errors
Courtesy #4 - Be Sure to Sign Off
Courtesy #5 - Instant Messaging Tips
Courtesy #6 - Respond Promptly and Down Edit
Courtesy #7 - Thou Shall Not Spam
Courtesy #8 - You Are What You Write
Courtesy #9 - Say No to Trolls
Courtesy #10 - The Human Touch
Are You a Technology Mushroom?
The Scoop on Files
Cyber Parenting 101
Business E-mail Basics
Using Signature Files

How to Deal with Rude Emailers
10 E-mail Organization Tips Think Before You Forward
How to Identify and Handle Spam/UCE
Tips to Stop Spam
How to Not Look Spammy
All About Viruses
To eCard or Not to eCard

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Publication Date
October 07, 2004
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