When the Rainbow Bends

by Joan Jewett (Author)

When The Rainbow Bends is a true story about the faith and courage of two survivors, a mother and her son, who exchanged hundreds of letters that reveal the trials and traumas, and love and respect for each other. Everyone who has experienced death of a loved one will benefit from Ms.Jewetts positive approach to life and will be encouraged to lift their consciousness-level and get on with life.

Fascinating and so poignant! I finished it on a day when the closing words of encouragement to the reader were most appreciated, needed and taken to heart and I know that others will be touched by them as well. The courage of mother and son in the face of unbelievable adversity will give inspiration to all who read the book. What comes across most clearly is the love and support for each other--and that is a magnificent thing.--Judith Geller, author

The ending is perfect. Joans advice on coping with the death of a loved one can enrich the lives of many people when those thoughts are put into action. Her attitude is remarkable.--Norma Miller, society editor

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Publication Date
September 10, 2002
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