The Doldrums, Christ and the Plantanism

Meiosis, mitosis, the equator? Is the human body a direct replica of the earth? The Doldrums, Christ, and the Plantanism, Rogelio Garcia Barcala's follow up to We are Carrying a Tree Right in Front of our Face, digs deeper into the interrelation of all life in the universe, specifically here on earth . . .

Are human kidneys nothing but seeds in the tree that is our body? Is the equator the magnetic seed (or catalyst) of life on earth? Barcala's use of deconstruction builds a formidable hypothesis. Using basic biology to support his ideas, Rogelio Garcia Barcala challenges the "old school" of creation theories. Welcome to philosophy of the new millennium.

Gilberto Lozano
Texas A&M University

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October 29, 2003
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