Liquids Juices and Other Stuff

by Ramya Kuppureddy (Author)

E very human body requires a specific amount of water to function
properly ,depending on their level of activities. It is interesting to know that fruits contains about 80% water. And not only just
water ,we also take in vitamins ,fibres, minerals from fruits. So how can we make the best use of these fruits? Yes, Liquids is all about it.

Liquids is a creativity of drinks .The base for these drinks are fruits and vegetables. So how do we make them creative ??? New ideas where simple juices are mixed with one or more ingredients to make it healthier , tastier, colourful more appealing and most of all fun to have it.

Liquids has a collection of recipes based on its consistencies ,light fruit based drinks as fruitys, thick fruit and cream based drinks as smoothys, aerated based drinks as fizzys , fruits and vegetable based drinks as healthys .

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March 19, 2014
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