by Luna Blackwood (Author)

The theme was inspired by reality and perceived reality as well as the events I went through and experienced.

The heroine of the book is Ren, an Eastern-European woman in her thirties, who lives alone with her daughter. She has been looking for answers in all her life. She has always felt herself an outsider, which the people around her also made her feel. She has never found her place, she has had the gut feeling that she does not belong to this world. Lots of people consider her a lunatic, so they avoid her or cut off all contact with her. She has been tortured by dreams that happened in previous ages hundreds of years ago. As he grows up, they become more and more realistic, which provoke more and more intense feelings in her. Having grown up as an orphan, she does not know about her origins, she knows nothing about her past. Her doubts culminate when her daughter reaches the age of ten, because only then does Ren realize that her daughter is carrying similar burdens. Both of their dreams are about the same thing but from a different perspective. They are involved as different characters. They experience each dream as if it had happened to them earlier, which makes it more and more difficult for them to separate from reality. Ren's senses become stronger, however, she has no idea how her percieved reality will form a new shape soon. She has the gut feeling that something fateful is about to happen to them, which she cannot prevent.

In the meantime, at a faraway place in the universe, Planet Nibiru is struggling with serious problems. As a result, it has to send a reconnaissance team. The ruler of Planet Nibiru is dying, without a successor, reconnoitrers have to seek a possible Chosen One, who might be capable of filling the ruler's position. After several years of search, they detect an increasing signal, which comes from Earth, and which used to characterize the royal family. The fate of their lives and their future are in Ren's and her daughter's hand, as they soon realize that they both possess the abilities of the Chosen One and also how all this could have happened.

The lives of Ren and her daughter suddenly change 180 degrees, when the reconnoitrers of Nibiru, who have never been seen before, appear on the Earth to take them to their Planet. Unfortunately, the mission does not go smoothly, because the Russian and the American Armies also detected the aliens arrival, and they want to know at any cost, why the aliens came to the Earth. The Pentagon sends a military plane to Hungary, Eastern-Europe, where they last detected the aliens presence. Scientists also participate in the mission, but their main goal is to get what the aliens came for. Ren is assisted by three scientists, who are alien-researchers, but this is not enough to leave the earth. Soon after leaving the earth, they are attacked by the mercenaries of Nibirus ancient enemy, therefore Ren and the reconnoitrers of Nibiru are bound to stay on the Earth. In order to repair the spaceshuttle, they have to penetrate into two secret terrestrial bases, which are in Antarctica and New-Mexico. Moreover, these bases are not human-controlled. They have to face an exciting and perilous journey, however, in the meantime, a several thousand years old secret is revealed.

During their journey Ren and her daughter finally believe that they have a place in the world, they can get the answer to the questions where they are from, where they are going and what their mission is. The peaceful nation of Nibiru, the Annunakis find our heroine, thus starts Ren's fantastic and irreversible metamorphosis, which might happen to any of us. After plenty of excitement, action, and miraculous events, the heroines reach Nibiru, where they are warmly welcomed, and Ren occupies her place as the new ruler of Nibiru.

The book is both exciting and entertaining, and is based on scientific information, due to which a whole new worl

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July 11, 2012
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