Winter Wear

by Kass Kentridge (Author)

Winter Wear is a science fiction thriller that challenges the reader right up to the last chapter and beyond. It follows the path of a strange looking coat that is possibly from another dimension. Every day a perfect diamond appears in its pocket and anything placed into the pocket disappears. The coat has other mysterious properties as well which we learn about as the story develops. The protagonist is a lazy young man with no ambition who is propelled into a wild adventure after stumbling on this mysterious object changing his life forever. What follows after this serendipitous find is a whirlwind of events filled with romance, murder, greed and intrigue and an introduction to the under world. The story which finds its origins in the Nazi extermination camps takes us back to the same scene 60 years later, keeping the reader spellbound through different scenarios and locations until its finale. The book is hard to put down as the reader races to the end hoping to find out the truth.

Book Details

Publication Date
June 27, 2012
Page count