Medicine from the Kitchen

de Jessie L. Emerson (Auteur)

Jessie Emerson has been a practicing registered nurse since 1965. In the 1970s she began studying herbal medicine, and in 1989 graduated as a certified clinical herbalist from Michael Moores Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. She is founder and owner of OSO Herbals and offers consultations, native medicinal plant tours. and work shops. Medicine From the Kitchen is Jessies personal collection of safe and simple remedies based on what can be found in the kitchen. It provides basic first aide and natural solutions for some of the most common injuries and minor ailments. The instructions are clear and concise.

There are pages of lists and information to guide you.She lists both basic kitchen items and the essentials of a first aid kit. The list of spices includes medicinal uses. In the recipe section you can learn to make Rehydration, a fluid and electrolyte replacement, an isotonic eye wash or Bouquet Garni. One can tell she is a nurse by how many times she writes,Wash your hands.

Jessie says, I believe that we must know what to do in emergency situations, what to do where there is no doctor ( in that cabin deep in the Rocky Mountains) or until medical help is available. This little booklet can save lives and prevent suffering. Knowledge prevents panic and promotes calm during a crises. Learn how to make a compress before the need arises. It is my belief that being prepared, awake and aware is your best insurance.

This book is real practical with basic solutions anyone can use--you dont have to have medical knowledge or degrees. The remedies are very simple using common ingredients that are easy to find. She brings back the Old School Home Remedies that parents and grandparents used to teach us. Dont panic, read this book.

-David Sandoval, RN, New Mexico EMT intermediate and fire fighter

Reading and using Ms. Emersons book is a delight. The practicality and usefulness of this collection of remedies is wonderful. I loved the way the book is organized, the ease with which you can find the products needed and the simplicity in making the remedies themselves.

Every family should have a copy at home, and for vacations. Great Work Jessie.

-Chris Darnielle RN, CRNA, ANP, BBA

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27 mai 2014
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