You Are “Energy”, Be Energized

by Charles Fletcher (Author)

This Book is a sequel to my first Book The Shocking, all of my writings are written in a Non-Traditional style so that my audience can digest what is being said more easily and quickly. There by shocking the consciousness of those that reads it, rather they believe it or not. I do not believe in giving the readers a long diatribe on a subject that takes only a few words to get the point across. I think the readers would appreciate reading something that is clear and to the point without a long drawn out story that would take you around the world to express the thought. I am very blunt about the things I research and write about, the fact of the matter is that Energy gives us the ability to think and to think wisely. I think very deeply about the things I write about. I pick and choose the top-pics based on what I see and feel. Like twitter, you can say what you want in a sentence or paragraph to send a message; I have chosen short articles for my message.

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Publication Date
January 31, 2014
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