Mistake Driven

by T. L. Gardens (Author)

Mistake Driven drives one to obtain knowledge that will lead to a path of tremendous success by learning from mistakes and making a difference in life. As well show how to use stepping stones from family, friends, and loves ones to benefit and evolve allowing room to give back in various ways.
The concepts assist in preventive thought process by strengthening mental development structures to achieve goals and prevent emotional peer pressure. Furthermore, recognize consequences of being jealous, having a negative ego, and overcome fear by practicing self love. Mistake Driven assist with community support by expressing tangible love with others in good and bad situations.
Youth will appreciate accomplishments small, large, emotional, and spiritual, by focusing on accessing responsibilities differently in relationships and friendships. Young adults will recognize patterns that will lead toward the wrong direction and quickly avert complications.
Mistake Driven gives guidance on learning how to love the experience given. Teach teenagers how to value themselves before and after a first date. To know that freedom doesnt mean lack of control but wise choices made in a positive environment or situational environment. Young adults will strengthen their liberty in character building under pressure or in excitement. This novel demonstrates to teenagers that parents are not the enemy but are rationalizing to build social character and discipline, bridging the gap between the teenage years of personal identification.
The realism of this novel connects awareness to love in perspective with essence, without struggle. To be or become more than he or she ever dreamt and the ability to share in such joy of Loving the basis of life.
Mistake Driven exemplify how one use stepping stones and how one become a stepping stone.

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January 02, 2014
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