Wallaboo Land

Wallaboo Land brings us six more adventures with the wallaboos.

Like those in The Wallaboo Stories these wallaboo stories are about the childs world as the author has seen it through the eyes of her own three children as well as the many children she has known in her teaching career.

The Winking Wallaboo Frog starts out about puddles and winking. Then it just gets goofy, something children like to be. The Humming Bubble was inspired by several children the author has known who hummed while playing almost everything. The Stardust Trail is a mystical journey through make-believe lands.
The Whistling Wallaboo Monster is a mystery which is solved by understanding that things arent always as they seem. The Hiccups Box starts with the hiccups and then imagination takes over. Finally, The Green Balloon is a simple tale starting with a balloon that blows up into the sky.

Like the first wallaboo book, Wallaboo Land is a very good book for beginning readers and therefore an excellent choice for parents and teachers of young children.

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Publication Date
December 17, 2013
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