'Tales from the Tale’

by Chef Philip Andriano (Author)

Each recipe is divided into steps of preparation which is the method Im trying to convey and a list of ingredients required during each step. I write each recipe for two servings because if you are as bad at math as I am, it is easier to turn a recipe for two into a recipe for eight than it is to turn a recipe for eight into a recipe for two. Also when you try out a recipe, you probably want a small audience so I have downsized the recipes for use by the home kitchen chef. Each recipe also contains notes for each step. These should be referred to before attempting the recipe. These notes give some reason behind the directions or act as technical standpoints or safety warnings. These notes can provide the reader with enlightenment about the recipe and the method.

I also want to avoid being strict in recipes. The problem with most chefs cookbooks is that they are too technical, too egocentric and too inflexible. Most recipes are tested in large restaurant kitchens, not in the home.

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November 18, 2013
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