How to Turn Your Dog into a Horse

by Valerie Stanol (Author)

Have you always wanted a horse? In this fascinating breakthrough, every animal lover will now be able to understand and promote the similarities between dogs and horses using these definitive, groundbreaking tools that have never been outlined before. You will obtain maximum training savvy by systematically learning much more than routine tricks as you embark on a new adventure, using the same skills as a professional horse trainer, only with your dog, not a horse.

Any reader of this book will now be able to:

- Develop a closer bond with their dog rediscover them in a new light and purpose

- Improve the health of their couch-potato dog through these easy exercises

- Gain some effortless exercise in the process and still have fun!

- Master the very same techniques to train horses but under much safer conditions

- Enrich their knowledge and love of horses

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Publication date
October 15, 2014
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