American English Sounds and Sound Changes©

by Bob Kalinowski (Author)
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SOUNDS , a textbook of a plurality of American English sounds that leads the reader through the ABCs detailing placement and feel of lips, tongue, and teeth; amount of air flow through the mouth or nose to make each sound; and a description of how the sound should look in the specifically sized and shaped provided mirror. The text describes diphthongs, vowels, and sound changes, lip positioning, air flow/amount, and its path as it passes from the lungs through the mouth or nose to create the desired sound. The text includes sensory tests for you to determine the correctness of a sound. The book is being used in Italy and Thailand to teach American English and being used in various school districts in Southern California as an aide for linguistic teachers, speech pathologists, and therapists working with children with impediments, and ESL adults.

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March 28, 2014
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