by Kaleigh R. Conway (Author)

Nyx Stewart is a woman on the run. With a unique ability to hear lies and a blossoming drinking problem, this anxious Canadian ex-socialite is trying her best to lay low in a new city and forget the severed branches in her family tree.
But after witnessing a horrifying accident only Nyx seems to believe was a murder, a letter arrives from her estranged blue-blood mother and a mysterious invitation to an exclusive vampire-themed nightclub lands in her lap and Nyxs normal life dissolves into one of malicious plotting, senseless violence and secrets beyond which even Nyx is willing to accept. With no one to trust and everyone to fear Nyx stands alone and pursued by two factions of an ancient and bloody conflict both hell bent on ensuring that history repeats itself. Mired in blackmail, history lessons and a baffling paper trail Nyx must learn to follow her instincts, and face an agonizing choice: return to her previous life or risk it all for a chance at something more.
In this contemporary fantasy, a young woman who unwittingly becomes a pawn between feuding vampire moguls must seek and own the truth before she can realize her true destiny.

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Publication Date
April 09, 2014
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