Acupuncture in Medicine

by Moolamanil Thomas (Author)

An exponential growth to medicine and therapeutic procedure has been possible only in modern science. The sciences in general are a post-Renaissance development. The disciplines developed in its methods have superseded those of previous traditions. Therapeutic traditions progressed in human biology, their practices helping to cure or alleviate some of the ailments perceived in the lore of human constitution. Whatever its interpretation, bio-physiology has a substantial species continuity enabling a social use for Traditional Therapies. A rationale for them within medicine and its science must be established. Investigating Chinese Acupuncture may suggest an approach to the scientific potential of other Traditional Therapeutics and, importantly, address the issue of public safety.
Knowledge transmitted through European, Asian, Arab and Persian civilisations includes medical traditions that contributed to the Renaissance development of Medical Sciences. Acupuncture today is indeed a constructive metaphor for transacting and developing specific traditional therapeutic methods in Health Systems of nations, while acknowledging limitations and improving safe delivery.

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June 24, 2014
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