Happily Ever Laughter

by Dr. Satish B. Synghal (Author)

? Humour, dominates in more than 50 percent of his stories. It goes without saying that humour refreshes, rejuvenates and removes, stress and depression.
The remaining content of the book involves inspirational material, which is intended to dispel unhappiness and ushers in happiness in life.
? The most important lesson conveyed through the stories is, adopt an occupation involving such work, which you enjoy doing and derive most of your pleasure from it.

? People usually have one point agenda: - earning money, which they mistakenly believe can buy happiness. Some amount of money and wealth are necessary.
Family, friends and relationships are equally important as a source of happiness. One must simultaneously nurture these also to remain happy.
? If you want to be respected, pay respect to others. If you want to be happy, try to make others happy and if you want to be rich, help financially those who are in need. In short whatever you want for yourself, start giving in affordable measures to others.

? Whatever you sow, you have to reap its fruit, even if you dislike it. Sow seeds of love, kindness, and noble deeds, to remain happy.

? Sex, marriage, and family can give us joy and happiness. Age, appropriate sex education should be imparted to all, to enable them to remain happy and healthy.

? You would dislike a person, who receives help from you but does not feel thankful for it. It is the Almighty God, who has given us, whatever we have. He will surely appreciate and shower happiness on us if we feel ever grateful to Him for His gifts and blessings.

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March 27, 2014
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