A Season for Everyone

by Cheryl Croman (Author)

This book is about the four seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter and the way peo-ple are affected by each season. Spring brings her promise of new life in gardens and forests, in animals, and yes, in humans too. Summer turns us all into children again (okay maybe some of us). Who doesnt like to feel the sand in between their toes or enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot sunny day? Autumn can be one of the unpredictable times of the year. Sometimes you think that summer is still around because the days are still sunny and warm; we take advantage this, and last-minute trips are arranged. The days soon start getting cooler, and Mother Nature starts preparing the trees, flowers, and some animals for their long winter sleep. Winter is when are thoughts turn to long cosy nights; frosty mornings; and the promise of Christmas, Santa, and snow!

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Publication Date
September 20, 2013
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