Families Are Forever: Communication

by Dennis Cogswell (Author)

Families are Forever: Communication

*I have read much of the book Families are Forever: Communication and I have found useful information in each chapter! This book has really opened my eyes to the way that I communicate with those in my life. I am very aware now that how I say what I say determines what others hear. I raise my glass to better communication! Bethany, Narrows, Virginia

*Families Are Forever: Communication brings together a dynamic combination of facts about family types and family issues throughout history with a focus on communication that will encourage and support the strength of all family members. The book's attention to families with adult children is a perspective hard to find elsewhere outside of conversation with one's cohorts. It is presented in a way that everyone will see an example that relates to something they may have been or are going through.
Jenny McNealy, MSW, Tallahassee, Florida

*There is nothing more important to individuals, and communities than healthy families. Dr. Cogswell uses his experience and education to provide useful and practical knowledge to improve our communication skills within our families.
Susan, Christiansburg, Virginia

*Families Are Forever: Communication puts self-improvement in the readers hands, a very helpful tool for therapists and clients to better family relationships. It is a simple read with concrete ideas for self-improvement.
Dr. Dennis Cropper, Ph.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lexington, Virginia.

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August 22, 2013
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