Bloody Moon

by Ugonma Emeruem (Author)

Mar Summers, an adopted orphan from Sainthew Orphanage, lives an ordinary life. Her ordinary life takes a turn as the moons color changes to red and then settles into an orange hue.

After getting a head injury from an earthquake, she is left feeling confused, facing illusions that she must determine if they are real or fake. Her best friend, Susan, is able to find Mars real family, and Mars life gets even more exciting when she discovers that she is a lost princess of Monaco. Everything seems like it will get better from then on, but the orange moon looming causes events that put people on edge.

Mar realizes that despite her hurt and her confusion, the orange moon is more connected to her than she could have imagined, and in this coming-of-age novel, Mar is able to pull courage from within to face an unexpected task that will determine the fate of the very world in which she lives.

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Publication Date
June 17, 2013
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