Everything Your Eyes See Your Mouth Say You Want It

by Dr. Marvin A. Pryor (Author)
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Everyone has a story; unfortunately, many of these stories go untold. In most families, there are secrets, rituals, or events that you are simply forbidden to talk about or acknowledge that the event ever happened. These secrets are most often damaging to the family name or simply shameful to the person who holds the key to unleashing the story. Therefore, individuals opt to withhold the story, live a life of turmoil, and take it to the graveall of this in the name of love and hate toward the individual and the family. The sad commentary regarding this decision is that it creates a cycle of practice for the wrongdoer. This is the essence of my story; it is my hope that my story will serve as a gateway to others to release the chains of past events that have held them captive and negated them from living a full and productive life without turmoil. Realize that the tragedy from your humble beginnings does not have to be a predictor of your final outcome. This is not a recommendation to cast shame upon anyone; it is simply a charge to those of you who have found yourself in this situation to realize that you cannot live a life trying to fill a hole that you did not dig. Your hole will be filled before you are able to fill theirs.

?Proclamationannounce it
?Emancipationrelease it
?Anticipationbegin to live your life
?Resolvebe free

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October 28, 2013
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