An Illustrate It Yourself Book

by G.G. Wallace (Author)

The book is designed to provide an opportunity for young readers to show, through their own personal illustrations, how well they comprehend what is being read in delightful stories featuring other young children and animals. Each story is divided into several small segments, which appear in bold script, across the bottom of the page. The top portion of the page is left blank, enabling the reader to draw and color his or her favorite part of what has just been read. From an educational standpoint, the book lends itself to being a supplementary comprehension text. The childrens illustrations speak for themselves as to what has been gleaned from the script. This format also allows an opportunity for children to express their comprehension of the story orally as they verbally share their creations with both teachers and peers. Teachers and parents will be able to assess the childrens understanding of what is being read as they enjoy the precious drawings of their little ones. The finished book then becomes a wonderful, personalized memento from this special time in the life of the young reader.

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Publication date
June 18, 2013
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