Loose Ends

by John Andes (Author)

Bob "Bric" Bricsonn, hardware store owner in Duluth, Minnesota and his friends, a civil engineer and a foreman at the local food plant come to realize that the tumultuous economic environment will soon crush and discard them. They decide there is only one way out of their financial traps. Three couples agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. The amateurs enter into the professional world of crime; a robbery, a drug buy, and drug resale down state. From the beginning the six learn that their actions have unintended and dire consequences. Errors in judgment, and misplaced enthusiasm put the plan in jeopardy from the start. Violence begets violence; intended and accidental. Alliances and relationships are fluid, because the drive for the big payoff is everyone's goal. Deception and double dealing abound. Bric struggles to keep the team on the right path, but ultimately he can trust only himself. A new player offers him a way to reach his financial goal.

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August 26, 2013
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