Peace in a World of Pizza

by Tom Hart (Author)

Making peace is just as easy as making pizza. In this book, Chef Tomato delivers delicious pizza recipes and shares peaceful messages throughout his journey. The book contains simple recipes for all ages to enjoy. The book shares easy to make pizza dough and sauce recipes. Also, in the chapter. "A Shake Between Two Hands", Chef Tomato makes peace by making milkshakes. This chapter has a few delicious milkshakes recipes and a global peaceful message. The secret is out. Peace can be made anywhere in the world, just like Chef Tomato's favorite pizza pies. By using your imagination and creativity, top your pizzas with love and great ingredients. Have fun making a peaceful treat for your family and friends. This book underlines the greatness in all of us and shares delicious recipes made easy.

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Publication Date
August 30, 2013
Page count