One of Those Girls

by Hannah Roslan (Author)

"I could not deny she looked very happy with the invitation to dinner with the Whitelights. I answered her question with a nod and smile on my face though I was confused with everything. It felt like they arranged something without my knowing and I desperately wanted to know"

Poppy, an average 18 year old college girl, discovers that she is a witch by a mysterious new classmate, Kyle. It is said that an evil wizard is trying to fill the magical world of Lavenderia with dark sorcery. Poppy finds it hard to believe while Kyle tries to make her come to his world. Dark magic happens and love blooms in the hearts of Poppy and Kyle.

Could Poppy defeat Hollow, the evil wizard? Is the love between her and Kyle lasts forever? Or would it just be another fantasy tale?

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Publication date
January 02, 2013
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