Caribbean Meals in Thirty Minutes

by N.N&D (Author)

These recipes prevent cancer, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, they keep teeth, hair and nails healthy and strong. And help with all other ailments.
It gives corn recipes, corn prevents and removes cancer. Corn keeps teeth, gums, bones, muscles and joints strong and healthy. And it stops bad body odour. Cooked green bananas are a tonic to the whole body.
Ripe bananas are used also; they keep body and skin healthy.
Yam is used, it gives good body function.
Thyme is used; it gives energy, drive and stamina.
Its a very good recipe book. You will find it very helpful.
It has healthy ingredients and good meals.

There is nothing better than they should eat and indeed drink and cause their soul to see good because of their hard work. This is from the hand of our Grand Maker.
Ecclesiastes 2:24.

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May 23, 2013
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