It Takes Three

by Bill Noble (Author)

I wrote this book as a autobiography (Memoirs) for which I am giving tribute to my biological mother and two stepmothers who assisted in raising me from infant to adulthood. My father gained custody of me at the age of two (2) and raised me with the help of my two stepmothers. Growing up as a child was a journey for me and my mother(s) gave me specific gifts to prevail and succeed. I thank them for their loving, caring, and sharing attitudes toward me. I forgive my dad for his abusiveness during my childhood as he did not know what he was doing. However, he had the insight to choose women who were remarkable human beings. Children from dysfunctional family backgrounds will hopefully enjoy reading this book; and adults who have similar backgrounds will appreciate from whence I have come. I hope that this book will be an inspiration to all affected persons to succeed.

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Publication Date
November 08, 2012
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